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A word from the college community!


"We originally purchased two vending machines 2 years ago, one for each of our 2 campuses.

But, because we couldn't keep them fully stocked long enough we had to purchase another one

last year. Since then, we have sold over 32,000 items out of them totaling over $22,000 in sales.

Most of our items are .25 or .50 cents. Because our vending machines are selling scantrons and

blue books for us, we have been able to close our store an hour early and still accommodate our

students. They are very easy to stock, easy to operate and we have had nothing but

compliments from our customers."


Arnold Chavez

Lead Bookstore Operations

Pirates' Bookstore

Modesto Junior College

Modesto, CA

As of this June 2010 our 3 machines have captured over $115,000 in sales.  Every year since fall 2003 (our first machines) sales have increased.  Each machine currently averages over $10,000 a year.

- Arnold


The Chaffey College bookstore owns five scantron and supplies vending machines, four at the off campus sites and one on the main campus. This has been a great benefit to our students, as they are able to purchase scantrons before the bookstore opens, after the bookstore closes, on Saturdays and at the off campus sites after the bookstores are closed. The vending machines have enhanced our customer service tremendously. U.A.I. Vending has been a pleasure to work with. They have made the newness of the experience an easy one with their prompt and courteous service. They are always ready to respond to any questions or needs that may arise. I highly recommend them for your

vending needs.


Eunice Trotter

Director of Auxiliary Services

Chaffey College Bookstore



Our new UAI vending machine is great. The first two weeks we sold over $800 in product. Student satisfaction with the machine is high. The best part is, we can service our weekend students

without going to the expense of opening and staffing the bookstore. I am planning on purchasing more machines for our other campuses. PS - We're even selling "NO DOZ" out of the machine!


David Husted

Collin County Community College District

Plano, Texas



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